On Caffeine

I hate coffee, I like tea.

Why coffee is gross and tea is delicious:

1. Coffee is bitter, while tea can be sweet or tangy or fruity or spicy.
2. Coffee has much more caffeine than tea.
3. Coffee drinks are very unhealthy. Tea is delicious even without milk or sugar.
4. Coffee is only good hot. Even room temperature tea is still delectable.
5. Coffee is only worthwhile because it has caffeine. Decaf teas are yummy too.
6. Coffee is for everyone. Even Dunkin Donuts. Tea is so much more refined.

I made a spectacularly energizing (a.k.a. probably very high caffeine) tea blend the other day. It was a Tazo Maté Tropic teabag and a Stash Green and White Fusion teabag. The complexity of flavors from the three different tea leaves as well as the flavor additives in the Maté Tropic created a tea which was both delicious, invigorating, and mood-enhancing (or I could have just been having a good day).

Try it.


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