Raw and Guilty

My Guilty Pleasure:

Raw Cookie Dough

I make cookies basically for the sole purpose of eating the raw dough. Regular cookies are great and everything, but there is nothing as finger-lickin’ good as a fresh batch of raw cookie dough. Why bother turning the oven on, scooping, scraping, and cooling when you can get an even better treat 15 minutes sooner?

Sometimes people get a little put off by the whole raw egg thing but to tell you the truth it doesn’t bother me. Maybe it’s a bit of a sumo wrestler complex: raw eggs make you strong. But also if you think about it, there are only two eggs in an entire batch of dough, and it is doubtful one will eat the entire thing in one sitting, which is a pretty small amount of raw egg. However, if you can eat an entire batch of cookie dough in one sitting, well, I might marry you.

I am partial to chocolate chip, but really any cookie dough will do. Although oatmeal tends to be a little iffy because of the toughness of the oats, a delicious blend of cinnamon and brown sugar often redeems raw oatmeal cookie dough. I am currently slicing off a frozen log of snickerdoodle dough. It’s addicting. Slice after slice, chunk after chunk. I can’t stop. It might be a clinical disorder, I’ll have to check on that one. Don’t let me go back for more.

Before I make myself sick…

How to make (edible) raw cookie dough if raw eggs freak you out:

Make it like normal (“as directed”), omit the eggs and any ingredients like baking soda or baking powder, whose chemical leaveners are unnecessary if you aren’t baking the dough. It should be about the right consistency – you might have to use a little less flour because the lack of eggs means less wet ingredients. Also, sometimes when I bake I use oil instead of butter: this is a NO NO when making raw cookie dough. Because you can’t cream oil and sugar, the dough ends up oily and separated and generally disgusting.

Raw cookie dough, with or without eggs, is the most guilty of my guilty pleasures and the only one I could never give up. Eat it. I will convert you.


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