Strawraspraisinana Oatmeal. What?

First of all, I need to start out by saying I hereby rescind all previous oatmeal-hating sentiments previous espoused. I am a convert. No thanks to Cereality. I have now mastered its preparation and oatmeal with a banana, maybe some strawberries, cinnamon, and brown sugar is now a necessary part of my morning routine.

Today was no ordinary day, however. Instead of staring my day with oatmeal, I am ending it with oatmeal. I have crafted, from the depths of my shelves and freezer, a decadent yet nutritious (unfortunately) dessert oatmeal. A handful of frozen raspberries, a handful of frozen strawberries, a small handful of raisins, and the better part of a banana makes up the fruit quotient. Then there’s the oatmeal. Oh, and then my secret ingredients: a seriously generous “dash” (and I use the term quite liberally) of cinnamon, nutmeg as I like it, and – to mix it up a little – cardamom! At first I hesitated over the addition of the cardamom, but then I realized that I love cardamom strawberry shortcake, and I figured since there were strawberries in my oatmeal, why not add cardamom? Then of course, the requisite spoonfuls of brown sugar on top … mix it all together … and voilà!

Seriously pink and full of complex flavors – the cardamom really came through – this dessert oatmeal is one for the ages. Although there’s no reason why it couldn’t be for breakfast. I just happen to be eating it at night.

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