A Promise

This is my pledge:

To be a “fair-weather” vegan, in the following manner:

I will not eat dairy because I am lactose intolerant.

I will not eat meat unless it was killed by a hunter, and killed and butchered by the same person or someone they know. Read The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine if you have any questions.

I will not eat fish unless it was caught locally by a small-time fisherman. We’re talking in the morning, off the pier type of fish-purchasing here. No tuna nets for me.

I will not eat eggs unless they are from a family farm or personal chickens, and preferably raised organically. There is a reason egg baskets exist, after all.

I will not eat highly refined food products if avoidable, with the exception of maybe sugar because it’s really hard to get around.

This might not sound like veganism, but when you’re stuck in a city with extremely limited access to farms and local sustainable agriculture, it might as well be. I want my food to have a personal connection to the earth, to where we all come from. I believe that is the socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable way to eat and consume.

You can hold me to it.


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