Tough Love

It’s been a long time…

I’ve now been trying this pledge thing for a couple weeks, and let me tell you, it’s TOUGH.
How can you avoid refined ingredients and sugar and soy and dairy and non-local eggs? It’s really hard. Finally I’ve kind of figured it out, though. At least I hope so. I’m eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, pretty much abstaining from carbohydrates when I eat out of my house because it’s so hard to find ‘healthy’ stuff. It’s sort of turning into a whole foods-esque thing, although I don’t think the raw food thing is really anywhere I want to go with this.

The tempting vice aspect of the things I’m avoiding is also hard. One thing I have discovered is Alternative Baking Co.‘s 100% Vegan cookies. They’re pretty good, actually, except for the fact that they’re packaged so I now know how many calories are in a giant cookie. It’s a lot…yikes.

It’s a hard “diet” (although I don’t like to use that word – maybe lifestyle?) to follow, but every day I figure out something new that makes it easier and better. And it’s worth it – I feel generally healthier and no longer get that gross feeling you get when you eat too many nasties. All in all so far a success, we’ll see if it lasts.


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