I am apparently easily convinced.

I have been vegetarian, more or less, for about a year now. I don’t have a very good reason, and I’ll be the first to admit it. It’s a matter of convenience on some level. I don’t want to deal with having meat sitting around that I have to cook, and food tends to be cheaper if you get the meatless options. But yet another book I’m reading is starting to convince me to go back. Not that it should be hard, I don’t have hard and fast ideas strongly supporting vegetarianism, other than vague health, environmental, and societal concerns. If anything, the book, Nina Planck’s Real Food reinforces my ideas about the importance of eating locally and as minimally processed industrially produced food as possible. She focuses on real food, and her arguments are convincing. I am particularly swayed by her praises of saturated fat. She claims it is good for the immune system. It could be because I am currently feeling a bit under the weather, but a hefty (healthy?) dose of grass fed raw milk butter certainly does sound good right now.


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