Heaven in a Tin Box

Here is what addiction looks like:
The infamous Almond Kiss is a Passover staple for basically every Jewish family.

Gooey, not-milky chocolate-caramel blob encasing two almonds. Eat it slowly, make it last, savor the chocolate caramel goodness. Bite your almonds, don’t eat them all at once. Relish the taste and the experience and realize that, no matter how bad the rest of the food might be on Passover (dry, crumbly, tasteless cakes, undercooked eggy matzoh brei, rock-solid matzah balls, the lingering aftertaste of matzah meal and potato starch in EVERYTHING), salvation is found in the colorful tin box full of deliciously perfect Kosher for Passover candies.

“Now everywhere you go someone is chewing on Bartons Almond Kisses – even in New Jersey.”


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