Just Like My Mother Used to Make

What could be better in the middle of finals week than a home-cooked meal?
I’ll tell you: nothing.

I and several others were invited to the home of a prestigious campus figure for Friday night dinner. Food and conversation (and wine?) were all delicious. Yes, conversation can be delicious, but that is besides the point.

You can get good food a lot of places, especially in a city, but nothing says “good meal” like, well, a good meal. Cooked in a real kitchen by real people, and eaten around a table in a totally relaxed atmosphere, there’s really nothing like it. This is especially true for college students (and particularly during finals), when the majority of our meals are shitty and more than most of the time in a disposable container. Not to mention the harm this does for the world, it is neither socially for gastronomically satisfying.

So close to the end of the year and so close to mom’s cooking you can almost taste it, there’s nothing like a sit-down, laugh-out-loud, home-cooked meal. Find a few friends and a few hours and try it yourself. Trust me, you’ll love it.


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