Some beginning’s end

The end of the semester is always so gastronomically frustrating. You can’t buy anything new to cook, there’s nothing in the fridge, it’s raining and delivery options are usually limited to shitty pizza or overpriced crap. I finished my peanut butter, my almonds, cashews, raisins, fruit, vegetables, had eggs for lunch, and Gia doesn’t deliver. When you’re stuck with, what’s a girl to do?
After eliminating the 23 pizza choices out of 56 total, and the 6 chinese, and the 5 indian because I had that two days ago, and all the other bad choices and closed restaurants, you’re left with basically nothing to choose from.
So of course, despite the fact that I kind of wanted a salad (and I had two yesterday…I guess my body might be trying to tell me something?), I opted for Phoebe’s Bar-B-Q, a South Street mainstay. I’ve had it once before, but didn’t have the meat (long story) so tonight I got one of their combo plates: 2 sides, 2 meats, and a piece of cornbread. I’m currently anxiously awaiting my mashed potatoes, sneaky spicy greens, brisket, ribs, and cornbread. And contemplating running over to Greek Lady for a salad as an appetizer. Crazy? Might be. I’ll let you know how it is.



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