Only in Jordan..

Liz and I were walking to work and when we got to the building, lo and behold, an armed guard, a silver BMW, and nondescript sedan with two blue police lights on top. Wouldn’t it be funny, we thought, if the Prince (Hassan bin Talal) was here? He is, after all, the Chair of the Centre. Nah…not a chance. We go inside, go up the elevator, get out, and right in front of us are two more armed guards outside one of the conference rooms. Hmm…maybe… when we get to the office we ask Jenna who informs us that the Prince is indeed in a meeting with the entirety of the Higher Council (the umbrella organization through which RHSC operates). There’s Hashemite Royalty less than a football field from where I’m sitting on this beanbag. No, it’s not weird that I work on a beanbag. I want to catch a glimpse before he leaves, insha’allah.


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