Midterms, or imtihaanaat al-nisf al-fusul

Finally midterm week is over, we’ve had four Arabic tests this week: fosHa, listening, speaking, and ‘amiyya. They all went pretty well which is nice, but I now just want to crash. The fact of not having slept well lately is really wearing and it makes me just not want to do anything except lie in bed. I’ve also watched all the movies I have so I probably need to go get some new ones.

The plan is to get tattoos tomorrow, but since my excellent idea was kiboshed (sp?) I now don’t know what I want. I might do the chamsa/hand of fatima though, but I’m thinking really small and right on the wrist. The other thoughts were verses from a poem or from Alf Laila wa Laila (A Thousand and One Nights) … there’s a poetry verse in the first story that’s kind of cool. It’s hard to find something on command, and I haven’t found anything that really resonates so I don’t think I’ll get a tattoo of any of those. In any case, we’ll see if it actually happens or not, we tend to be quite disorganized vis. planning, etc.

This post is a bit of a ramble and a bit depressing, but I figured it had been awhile so it’s about time. Insha’allah I’ll get some sleep and maybe be able to post about happier subjects in the near future, ya’anee mustaqbal.


3 thoughts on “Midterms, or imtihaanaat al-nisf al-fusul

  1. get a hamsa- but not on your wrist, on your ankle or back or shoulder– something you more easily cover in order to appear tat-less. thats my advice anyway. I dont like the idea of getting text, especially in a language the people you spend most time with dont know. unless you’re planning on spending most of your time in the middle east. which i hope is not the case!! i would miss you too much.

    im glad your midterms went well an recomend that you just sit around and watch gilmore girls.

  2. Eliav-

    Glad to see you are paying attention. I was the one kiboshed the original idea leaving her in the dark.


    I am liking this blog thing.


  3. In my experience, getting a “memory” tattoo is a good way to go. if you pick a design that will remind you of something that you want reminding of throughout your life, it will last in one way or another. Have you thought about geo-locational tattoos? Like Amman in arabic or the name of the street or neighborhoos where you are living there, if it is a beautiful word or feels like a meaningful place to you?

    As for arabic tattoos generally, i’m clearly biased in favor b/c of ian’s (on his feet). i would recomment one word or a short phrase if you are going that way–such a beautiful written language!

    One last thought: some parts of your body hurt more than others (feet, wrists = very painful).

    miss you! hugs,

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