And the Weeks Just Keep On Coming

So needless to say the tattoo plans fell through primarily due to lack of designs and a paternal kibosh. Ah well, maybe in the future. The middle of the semester is coming and going in a whirlwind of personal disasters and midterms, but what else is to be expected, and my IR class is canceled for the next three weeks so I am wallowing in excess and unexpected free time. Tomorrow is the RHSC “Iraqis in Jordan” policy forum which HRHPHBT (I have to use code because the secretaries found my last post…funny story for a later date) may or may not be attending. I had to buy shoes for it so mom, if you’re reading this, would you be interesting in reimbursing me the 69 JD / $ 100 I had to pay? It was for work so it was a necessary purchase. If not, really no big deal. Anyway as usual that is about the most exciting thing going on in my life, that and the new spandex capris I bought at the Adidas store in Mecca Mall! I’m very excited to break them in, and one can never have too much spandex.


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