TAG, you’re it.

So I am now a member of TAG … which is basically this sweet place (I won’t tell you where…) where they have FREE wireless, computers, comfortable chairs, meeting rooms, and food (which I don’t think is free). This is their mission statement: “To support the Arab youth community in building their professional capacities, reshaping their skills, and upgrading their qualifications through a state of the art information technology tools and customized knowledge facilities in order to ensure opportunity equality with their international peers.” I will revise it. “To support Americans abroad in maintaining their sanity, reinforcing their typing skills, and upgrading their blog posts through wireless internet and Windows Vista in order to ensure connectivity and communication with everyone at home.” The only problem is their plugs don’t fit my plug so I have to find one of those 2 to 3 prong converter thingies. Ah well, the joys of Jordan.


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