or rather seven…pieces of bread that is.
As usual we went to Seveen to get lunch and I got humus and fuul and chubuz, and I paid for only two chubuz (that means bread). So the guys were giving me my stuff on the tray and they threw on this whole stack of 5 chubuz and I was like, no I was two chubuz. And they were like take it! And I was like, no, I don’t want this, I want two chubuz! But then they were telling me to take it and I was like, whatever, I’ll just eat 5 chubuz, which of course I didn’t I only ate two and a half and then took two with me. So, basically, the point of this story is that there really is not point, it’s just a mildly funny thing that happened to me today.


2 thoughts on “Seveen

  1. hi!
    i’m a searching for the meaning of the word “chubuz” – in yiddish bread means chumez/chomez חמץ …- where have you heard this word? best rahel

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