Don’t Read (unless you want to be bored)

Blah blah blah today is Sunday, back to the grindstone of daily life…although I have more or less finished my paper that’s due tomorrow, which is nice, going back to school and real life is never the greatest day of the week. Especially after such a ridiculous weekend. I think I laughed more this weekend than I ever have before – if you want to know why, look at my pictures, and you’ll get some idea…
Thursday night I went to my friend’s apartment for a parrrtay! which really was more like flashback to the frat house, but was fun nonetheless. Then Friday morning I went with some friends to Abdali (again…) and bought some more ridiculous and ridiculously cheap clothes, then went over to their house and ate some ridiculously huge breakfast, hung out there for the day, had a cooking lesson, ate tons of delicious food (again), then went out then home and to bed. That was all the exciting part of the weekend, yesterday was boring and normal but I did watch Camp Rock on TV which was pretty awesome.

Cool things that happened today:
You can get a falafel kbeer (big falafel) for 600 fils (.60 JD), so cheap lunch=always fun.
I almost died because this guy in a fat pickup sucked at driving. But actually that’s normal for here.
Liz flipped the bird to some guys driving a truck because they waved at us while we were walking. It was fantastic.

So yeah, that’s what’s going on in my life, nothing super exciting.


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