Smell That?

It’s in the air. End of the semester fever/exhaustion is about to set in. It’s only seven hours away. Post-test was this morning (S. ‘n’ C. for those in the know) and the big debate for Allison’s class is this afternoon. And after that, shit’s gonna hit the fan, my friends, because we are DONE. (Okay, so there are a couple more finals, but they’re not for more than a week…so we have time to celebrate, right?) Now all that’s left is Eid, vacation, the farewell dinner, and the long flight home…and back. Oh didn’t you know, though? I’m coming back to this desert kingdom, I’ll escape the cold New England winter (sad) and forsake a daily shower and properly flushing toilets, once again put myself at the mercy of King Hussein and his revenge…. but it’ll all be worth it, I hope. And insha’allah I’ll be back a third time, we’ll see, God willing ya’anee

And maybe even ערצ ישראל לפסח, anyone want to join?


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