The Continuing Saga of the Sheep

So I honest-to-God forgot about the ram’s horn I had in my checked luggage when I filled out my custom’s declaration. In any case, when I got home and pulled it out of my suitcase, my dad’s first reactions was, “ooh can I make a shofar out of that?” So of course since I had no idea what I wanted to do with it, I handed it over and before I knew it he had found DIY shofar instructions on the web. Next thing I know the house smells like dead animal (again?!) and he’s boiling the horn to get the cartilege out. Then it has to dry for a while and then you cut off the end so you get a hole the whole way through. It’s kind of a small shofar and doesn’t work so well…but he got a squeaky tkiyah out of it last night. Now we can have our very own Rosh Hashanah services with our very own homemade shofar.


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