From One City of Brotherly Love? to Another

Watching a War Across an Ocean When I’m 100 Miles From a Real One

As far as I can tell there is a war brewing on Penn’s campus between Penn Israel Coalition and Students for Justice in Palestine. Kids, read the name: JUSTICE. It’s not called Students Who Hate Israel.

Here’s a quote from an event posted on facebook: “Students for Justice in Palestine is putting on an anti-Israel rally for Gaza next Thursday, and we need a big turnout for our side!

And here’s one from the event page of the so-called anti-Israel rally: “…to raise awareness about what has specifically been going on in Gaza since the 27th of December. Though this will be a silent march, we will be holding signs that reveal facts about the blockade and genocide.

Not to choose sides indiscriminately, but it seems as though the Gaza march is a peaceful event, aiming to inform, not to intimidate. On the other hand, the PIC’s march is reactionary and aims to silence its opponent rather than listening to what they have to say. How can anything be achieved if one side continues to act petulant, immature, and ignorant? This goes both ways, depending on the day, so don’t go getting all uppity at me for telling it like it is. A Palestinian friend’s facebook status recently read: “Israeli Rats have enough shelters 2 hide in.While Gaza have sky as a roof,blood rivers as floor ..Thats y PALESTINIANS R MEN & israelis r rats!”

Please, everyone, control your anger. It is rational, understandable, and necessary, but deal with it maturely instead of throwing around hateful words and stereotypes and become informed before you inflame. Only then may you have your opinion to do with as you wish.


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