Third Home?

Coming back into Amman yesterday was a weird feeling, the same as when I go back to Philly or to Maine, like going home in a way. I guess when you go through some kind of experience like this somewhere, even if it’s for such a short time, it really does start to feel like home, even if it’s one of many. It made me really think I do want to come back eventually, although definitely not right now. After graduation if I have a job or something I’ll come back…insha’allah.

Didn’t do much today, went downtown for lunch at Hashem’s (one of the famous Amman restaurants) where we gorged ourselves on fuul, hummus, falafel, etc. Zaki kteer! It’s funny how getting around down there used to be so confusing and now it makes so much more sense, although I won’t pretend to be a master of wast al-balad.

My goal is to do some daytrips while I’m back here, so hopefully some of that will get accomplished and I’ll have some interesting stories to share.


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