Remnants of a Former Life

We started a movie the other day in عامية, called Captain Abu Raed. It’s Jordanian, so I can understand them! It was filmed actually in Jordan, too, so I recognized the airport and Amman and coasters…it made me miss it…

I signed up for a conversation partner so I could keep practicing my Arabic, and there was an ice cream social last night for everyone to meet each other. I meet a bunch of guys from Saudi Arabia and one from Qatar and a few from UAE and it was awesome because I could FINALLY speak Arabic/Arabeezy and people understood me! So hopefully this will work out because it would be great to keep using it.

I’m trying to put together a slideshow because I signed up to do a presentation on my time abroad, and I’m looking for all these specific songs that I can’t find because I have no idea of their title, who sings them, or even the words…oh well. At least I found the nationalist song that they always show on Jordan TV. It’s actually awesome – watch it. The funny part is it comes on TV and people actually intentionally watch it, volume cranked and everything.


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