عن غزة

This evening I went to a “teach-in” about Gaza which featured such esteemed academicians as Ian Lustick (political science big shot at Penn) and Eve Troutt-Powell, my fave teach evs! No for real, she is my favorite professor I’ve had at Penn. Anyway, it was sponsored by SJP, and although the general tone was definitely pro-Gaza (but without negative connotations) I thought it was well-balanced, at least as well as it could be, and presented its arguments in a reasonable manner which abstained from throwing blame or inciting anger or irrationality. It was for sure thought-provoking, and although the room was packed there are certain people who I wish would have been there. Certain points were made which I believe both Jews and Arabs need to hear to understand each other and what’s going on.

It was an appropriate follow-up to a conversation I had had/listened to earlier today with a bunch of guys from the Gulf. One of them asked me what my view is on Gaza – a question I find really hard to answer despite the amount of thought that has definitely gone into it – and they proceeded to debate between themselves the history of the conflict, the rights, the wrongs, the causes, the outcomes, everything. It was really interesting to listen to, and not least because I could actually understand it.

It’s all combining in my head to make me even more sure of where I stand on this whole spectacle…if you really want to know, feel free to ask.

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