Why You Should Carpe Your Diem

A very wise woman came into the bakery today. “The only time you’ll get nothing in return for your efforts is if you don’t even try.” We had been discussing the lack of eligible and worthy bachelors in Maine, and how crushes seem to always crash and burn, so why bother trying? This was her response. “I tell it to my graduate students,” she explained. Her point is well taken; her example is a job interview. You may not get the job, but you’re no worse off than you were before and you’ve learned something, gained a valuable lesson from the experience. You’ll interview better, or perhaps you have a better idea of what you want or don’t want in a job. Or in anything, for that matter: boys, friends, hobbies, jobs, adventures of all sorts. Of course it will come to nothing if you do nothing. But if you do something and fail, at least you gave it the old college try, right?


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