Here they come!

I went by the resort this morning to get my schedule for next week and to pester the guy at Goody’s about a job, and I decided then and there weekend skiing is not my style. It was packed (relatively speaking), and the lifts had just barely opened for the morning. I can only imagine how dreadfully icy the two runs will be by the end of the day today. I had been thinking about doing a lesson this weekend, but on second thought, mid-week might be a bit less hectic. Understatement. I have Monday and Tuesday off so, assuming it snows which it’s supposed to, I’ll hit the slopes on those days. Keep me away from these weekend crowds!

On another note…

Apparently one day of renting was enough for me. I took the plunge today and invested (yes, of course this is an investment) in ski boots (and a helmet, and two pairs of socks). In classic Audrey style, I tried on four or five pairs and then went with the first ones I tried. BUT now I have my own skis and boots and helmet and goggles and I can go skiing anywhere! No more renting! My own gear! This is so exciting. Skiing world, here I come!


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