There Will Always Be Another Sunset

(I apologize for the headiness of this post title.)

My four day weekend is rapidly coming to a close, as it’s back to the corporate mind number (as in numb, the sensation, not number, the counting mechanism) at 8 am tomorrow. If only I had a trust fund, and could ski all day without having to work. Although I have to say, the timing is quite appropriate as I can now do these same three runs with my eyes closed and the ice is getting old and I’m seriously over dodging children and idiots on narrow icy green runs. I could use a few days with a distraction (and an income) while I wait for more snow.

As for the sunset, I was walking up from the bus stop with my hot chocolate* when I chanced to look at the sky. Always a good idea out here – I don’t think I’ll ever not be awed by the sheer impressiveness of the mountains. Anyway, the sky varied between vivid pink and bright blue, and these shades reflected off the whiteness of the peaks. It might sound trivial but that’s the thing about sunsets. They’re absolutely breathtaking yet fleeting. Knowing I wouldn’t have time to find my camera and get a good shot, I comforted myself with the knowledge that there will always be another sunset.

*Hot chocolate from the Mountain Grind, a coffee shop cum cafe cum gelateria cum fudge shop where they bake all their own pastries as well as bread for their sandwiches. My heroes! Unfortunately they are not hiring.


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