A Thanksgiving Miracle

Thanksgiving away from family is always an utterly depressing experience. I have had the grave misfortune to be in such a predicament now for two years in a row. Last year was spent in the company of fabulous friends, all of us pitching in to create an America-worthy feast in the heart of the Middle East.

This year, I found myself in a completely different situation. Holidays are, of course, the busy season, so naturally I was working most of the day. One of my roommates was with family friends in Denver, and the other with a friend around here. So there I was, hypothetically all alone, until a friend came along and suggested I join them at a local church that provides a free Thanksgiving meal (and, incidentally, free dinner every other Friday). But when I got out of work, I found they had already gotten hungry and gone to the church without me (some friends, right?). Quite disappointed, I headed home to a lonely night with rice and frozen (homemade) cookie dough. To my surprise, en route home, I got a call from that same friend, offering to bring me a to-go church Thanksgiving dinner. Relieved I wouldn’t starve, now all I needed was some company.

Lo and behold, about twenty minutes later, I got another call. My friend and his roommate (who was driving, apparently thinking he was on a racetrack) had ended up in a ditch* about half a mile away from my apartment, and my friend was now walking the rest of the way to bring me my dinner.

After a while he arrived, styrofoam to-go box in hand chock full of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green beans. I threw it in the microwave and he stayed, and I had a Thanksgiving dinner replete with the necessary full tummy and good company.

Holiday: Saved!

*Remember, it’s winter in Colorado – this isn’t such a big deal. Think puffy white clouds of snow.

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