Frost Bites

I woke up at 8:30 in the morning yesterday, sat up, and Katelynn (roommate) informed me that it was snowing. I jumped out of bed: “LET’S GO SKIING!” Not realizing that the warmth of the last few weeks was completely dependent on the sun, I was totally unprepared for the bone-chillingness of the snowy morning. Overcast and with a windchill below zero thanks to 20 mph gusts at the top of the mountain, even the snow flurries were devastatingly unpleasant. I took three runs and couldn’t take it. Once I got inside I ran my freezing hands under warm water, which burned, and I wanted to cry. I got to work at 12 and drank probably 20 ounces of hot chocolate and 20 ounces of hot tea, and it took an hour or two to stop shivering. Basically, skiing is NOT highly recommended unless performed safely in a cocoon of electric blankets, or at least millions of layers.

Here’s the weather forecast for the next few days:


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