This whole holiday thing is very bizarre when you’re on your own. Night four I got my hands on some birthday candles, stuck them in an old egg carton, and when they burned down after 10 minutes the egg carton itself caught fire. I guess there’s something to be said for having a real menorah. Maybe I should just give up on Channukah like I have on the rest of Judaism; my Yom Kippur fast only lasted until 4 pm because I decided fasting for spirituality’s sake was pointless and futile. I’m not sure how this happened, but I’m becoming very skeptical of organized religion. Or maybe I always was, I’ve just always had family or friends around to participate in all the traditions with. I know of only one other Jew here, and from what I hear, he’s very annoying. So I’m going it alone…not to mention the next free church dinner is this Friday, the last night of Channukah. There goes that holiday.


One thought on “Channuwhat?

  1. For me being Jewish was never about the practice of spirituality. It was always more about the tradition, and the way it can bring people together. Might I suggest not giving up on Judaism, but perhaps putting it on hold until you can use it for its main purpose; bringing the family closer together. For now, allow skiing and hanging out to be your practice – the stuff that glues you with others. Good luck, and make sure Grandma and Grandpa have your address so you can get your gelt!

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