From Ice to Ice

Since my latest ski incident (Tuesday), I have forced myself to again take a few days off from the slopes. Needing a replacement activity, I went ice skating on the “skating pond” in the Village at the resort yesterday morning. Skating through falling snow as it accumulated on the ice was tranquil enough, although it felt a little weird to be skating on a powder day. People walking by were giving me weird looks which could be instead attributable to my lack of coat or gnarly skating skills. Speaking of which, it took a few laps of the miniature ice (I’d say approximately the size of one zone; blue line to goal line for the uninitiated) to get my legs back under me – although I’m still waiting for the lungs (darned altitude). It definitely made me miss playing. As small and oftentimes crappy as the ice is, it would be a fun spot for a little 2v2 pick up. Now, if only I had my stick and some lung capacity we’d be all set.


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