Croissants for the Ages

One of the favorite local breakfast places, Rise and Shine, is also home to excellent baked goods. Who’d have thunk, in one of the tiniest towns I’ve seen?

Today was my second foray into this gas station strip mall gem. Last time, grabbing a take out breakfast sandwich (on an East Coast-worthy bagel), I noticed the plethora of house made breakfast goodies in addition to the ski bum diet offerings of eggs, meat, and cheese. Muffins, giant cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, and croissants all obviously home made by their imperfections yet irresistibly enticing. Not much of one for heavy sweets in the morning, I decided that a croissant would showcase their skill as a patisserie and satisfy my craving for real food.

I went in this morning with my eyes on the croissants. In addition to my delicious three-egg, veggie-stuffed omelette and potato-chunky hashbrowns, I opted to pay a little extra and add a croissant instead of the offered toast or bagel. Now, I know I am spoiled by Standard and having almost unlimited access to croissants that have been lauded as better than those of Paris. But rather than turning up my nose, I used that as a measure by which to judge this new, unknown croissant quantity. As expected, these mountain croissants were not as good as Standard’s. But it was a pretty damn good croissant. Puffy, flaky, crumbly in all the right ways, and distinctly buttery, the croissant could certainly hold its own in a croissant-off. It’s a keeper, and only encourages me to keep returning to Rise and Shine until I have blown all my money and tasted their entire menu.


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