In the Black

Because it’s been so slow, all of our hours have been cut. No, that’s not drastic enough; they’ve been slashed.* The upside of this is that I unexpectedly had the day to ski, despite the less than optimal conditions and lack of ski buddy. But I couldn’t see what else I was going to do with my day, so my iPod and I sucked it up and hit the slopes. While not the most legendary of ski days, I feel as though I made some progress nonetheless. I skied a black diamond all by myself and only fell twice! It was the upper half of a lift line trail (the bottom half is blue) and was kind of steep and kind of bumpy. But it was my first full black and I survived. Then, joining Stosh on his ride break from work, we rode Outrigger, a fairly long black bump run speckled with little baby trees, grassy spots, and rocks, but altogether in decent condition. I lost a ski, but whatever, I made it down in one piece and I’ll blame my slowness on physical exhaustion. So clearly I am becoming a sicknasty skier since I can “ski” blacks and live to tell the tale. Vasquez Cirque, here I come!

*Don’t worry parents, my 401k will kick in soon. Just kidding – I am hot on the trail of 2nd and possibly 3rd jobs.


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