Alternatively, It Might Be Butter

Really, we could use some snow. Not that I’m complaining; I mean, that 0.00001″ we got last night is clearly going to make for some sick powpow. Whatever, I’m over it.

In other news, I finally bought laundry detergent (Leah was there, she can vouch for me) so my clothes will actually be clean rather than simply rinsed. She and I ventured into the Winter Park Market (unassuming name, most fabulous find ever), a gas station natural foods store and sandwich shop. I was totally kvelling over the sheer number of herbal supplements and organic vegetables and bulk grains and herbs and biodegradable cleaning supplies and real milk and Amy’s pizzas and Yogi tea and Fage greek yogurt and lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Forget you, Safeway, and your fluorescent lighting (the Communist plot!) and homogeneous produce and your pasteurized, homogenized milk and your overpriced Tillamook cheddar and your tootling the multitudes and your preservative-filled breads and your feedlot corporate death meats and your national chain soccer mom minivan conformity. We are OVER!


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