A Little Slice of Heaven

As legend* will have it, two Italian men from Staten Island relocated to the remote haven of Fraser, Colorado and found it lacking in suitable pizza joints. So what would two entrepreneurial gentlemen such as themselves do? Why, start their own, of course!

This venture took the form of DeAntonio’s, a strip mall hole-in-the-wall New York style pizza place that serves up 16″ and 18″ pies, as well as slices, garlic knots, and various pasta dishes that will satisfy the cravings of any thin-crust loving New York pizza eater. Thin, crispy-on-the-bottom crust (exactly how I like it) topped with delectable sauce in the right proportion with the cheese – as well as pepper flakes, parmesan, and garlic salt on each of the four or five tables squeezed in alongside the counter – this pizza gets the nod from three North Jersey-raised pizza connoisseurs and an Italian Rochester-ite with a history as a pizza shop employee. What higher praise is there?

*Most of this story is cobbled together from bits and pieces of hearsay and my own imagination.

**Added bonus; it even reheats well, for pizza two nights in a row!

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