Bunnies and Eggs

Weirdly enough, this is the first time I’ve ever lived anywhere that people care about Easter. Never before, in my whole life, have I been wished a Happy Easter. Little kids, big kids, old men, resort hosts, everyone seems to be into it. What is this holiday, anyway? Resurrection or chocolate rabbits? I know I am lamentably ignorant in this matter, but is it my fault that I’ve never been exposed to the (believing) Christian majority that makes up this country?

On a happy note, two guys from New York came in and it was discovered that they were Jewish. We exchanged a joyous “Happy Passover!”, and I was relieved to be within such close proximity to other Jews after living in such a void for so long. Speaking of Passover, I’m getting pretty sick of rice and curry since that’s all I’ve eaten for the last three days. Thank god for following Sephardi Pesach – otherwise I would be oozing grease from all the fries I would have had to have eaten.


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