Another One Bites the Dust

We’ve now entered that period of time fondly thought of as the waiting period. Today is the Sunday of my first real weekend in months, and after today there are only five days left to the season. Yesterday’s 60 and almost sunny has morphed into today’s 30 and snowing. Road trip preparations are starting to get underway, by which of course I mean there is a plethora of lists taking shape. Bring, do, buy, send home…it’s too early to clean and pack but too late to keep grocery shopping and stocking cupboards. Bare-dom is impending. Over the last seventy-two hours, a loaf each of wheat and rye breads, pita bread, buttermilk chocolate chip cake/cupcakes, and apricot almond muffins have taken shape. (Sorry Daddy.) Rice is gone, semolina flour almost so, no more lentils, the barley’s almost out. I am left with, as always, more tea than I know what to do with and three different varieties of dried beans. I suspect I will become an expert at cooking beans on a campstove. Mmm, delicious.


One thought on “Another One Bites the Dust

  1. send me any caffeine free or mint tea!!! I just bought myself some ginger tea and it sucks and the mint tea in the caffeteria is caffenated! What a scam!

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