“Can You Tell Me Where There’s a Store?”

“What kind of store?”
“I don’t know, just, like, a store, with stuff.”
“Well, I’m not really sure what you want…”

Working in retail, ludicrous comments are far from rare. Attempting to save ourselves from the mundanity of our jobs, over the course of the season (particularly the latter half, when absurdity becomes more apparent) we have compiled a delectable selection of Quotes of the Day. While complete understanding probably requires a more indepth knowledge of the complexity of Starbucks’s1 inner workings than the coffee layperson possesses, the hope is that each reader finds something to chuckle at in our anthology.

While not a comprehensive collection of every ridiculous thing said this season (I wish), it will certainly give a taste of the idiocy – and hilarity – that retail employees all over the world deal with on a daily basis. And don’t worry, I won’t do it all at once.

As Bruce would say, “that’s what makes the day go round…OW!”

1See The Elements of Style for the reason behind this grammatical choice vis a vis pluralization.


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