The MJ Mystery

Who is Mary Jane? Why does she have her own mountain? Why does she have her own ale?

Mary Jane Ale – found only on tap and only in select locations on the resort itself, is a complete enigma. Legend has it – well, from the mouth of a Pepperoni’s bartender – Mary Jane is brewed by Coors (semi-local, although macro) especially for, well, Pepperoni’s and other mountain establishments. Anxious to find information on the elusive ale, local web wizards have googled near and far for more. No luck…until now.

About a week ago, Denver Westword‘s blog had a short piece on beers brewed by Blue Moon, evidently a subsidiary of Coors. Apparently, bartenders lie (sort of).

That same post, as well as other blogs and not-necessarily-reliable internet sources also attribute the delicious Jane Ale to Sandlot/Blue Moon/Coors. Neither the Blue Moon nor the Coors website mention anything about their special mountain ales (Copper, Vail, and Aspen also have their own). But hearsay and the technology revolution all seem to agree on this one fact – do we take their word for it?

Further investiagtion is obviously called for.


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