Bruce, Part II

Scene 1

The clouds are dark and the sky is stormy. The wind is fearsome; it is alternately snowing and raining, the rain drops cold and the snowflakes huge and wet. It might be snowing up top but at the base it is miserably pouring wetness from the sky.

Foot traffic through the village is slow. Chance is on the bar and I am on the register. Bruce enters through the door, his usual “OW” and love of life a bit tempered by the heinous conditions outside.

Bruce asks for a double.

Bruce: I got money, honey, I got money.

Audrey: Are you sure you don’t want a triple? To get you through that rain?

Bruce: Give me whatever you want, honey, I got money.

We give Bruce a triple. Hey, he deserves it.

Chance: Hey Bruce, did you do a rain dance or a snow dance last night?

Bruce: I don’t know, man, it was so wild I couldn’t even tell.


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