A Misguided Rainstorm

“And in Winter Park today, 34 degrees and sunny.”

Then what’s all this white stuff coming down from the sky? Did the sun turn into particles and is collapsing to Earth? Is it opposite day? Is this about relativity, like it’s sunny here compared to, say, a hurricane? Because that’s certainly true. Thirty four is no lie – these sun particle flakes are fat and wet and cushy and the roads are clean, if wet. But I’ve yet to see the clear blue sky and ball of flaming gas and mountains on the not-so-distant horizon.

These poor rainclouds, they think they’re going to be spitting rain every once in a while and then moving on but “oh no, we can’t have that,” says the Continental Divide. “Your rain will turn to snow and we will trap you here for days and days on end.” It’s very Winnie the Pooh and he’s just a little black raincloud.


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