The Roadblocks to Progress

I thought we were finding sunshine, warmth, and happiness. Instead all we seem to be able to find is more snow and closed campgrounds. Not to be a Negative Nancy – Tahoe is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Dan likens it to Geneva, and even though I’ve never been to Geneva, the accuracy of the analogy seems probable. Now I want to go to Geneva. Damn it. Sidetracked.

The previously sort-of-tried-and-kind-of-true method of driving around and finding somewhere to sleep failed – utterly and almost completely – last night. Everything in Nevada was hot and dry, and eminently camp-able. Lake Tahoe is not frozen, the city of South Lake Tahoe is not ice-covered and there is no snow in sight. Assuming this trend would carry over into the peaks surrounding the lake – which are also necessary to cross to get anywhere else – several wild goose chases ensued. Silly us, lakes surrounded by somewhere in the neighborhood of eight ski resorts which obviously still have snow on them probably do not have open campgrounds nearby. It’s practically winter – mud season – here, too. Luckily the city of SLT operates a recreation area which includes a library, ice arena, lake shore access, and a campground (with running water! and trees! and shade!) for the whopping fee of $26/night. But this, being the only option, was the only option.

Henceforth, today’s project has involved five hours in a coffee shop updating the world on our progress and actually planning (for a change) the next couple of nights. As much as nights spent camping in national forests and wilderness areas can be planned. Unfortunately, we have also realized that mountains in the rest of the country behave much like mountains in the Front Range in Colorado in that they are still snow-covered with roads and campgrounds closed for the season, in some cases until early June. Again, whoops. Woe unto us and our youthful naïveté.


One thought on “The Roadblocks to Progress

  1. if you have the money/means/desire and you find yourself in South Lake Tahoe CA (I don’t know if you are near there or not…) you should eat at sprouts cafe! It’s where Helen works and its delicious. It’s all veg but I just remember having a really delicious bagel w hummus and veggies and they do fresh squeezed juices of all shapes and sizes! Also go find the burkharts! duh!

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