New Toys!

It’s like Christmas-Birthday come three months early. My darling Powerbook G4 that’s been an important part of my life for the last 5 years (almost to the day, actually) was finally getting a little long in the tooth. Additionally, my increasingly nomadic lifestyle (and impending trans-global adventuring) has all but necessitated a smaller, lighter, faster model.

A convenient benefit of being in Oregon is the lack of sales tax. There is also an Apple store and, luckily, parents who love me enough to invest in my future as a laptop user by gifting – for likely the next century’s worth of occasions – a shiny new MacBook Pro. Absolutely gorgeous.

Also exciting is the father phone replacement plan, which involves him getting sick of business Nokias and also contributing them to the Audrey cause. As such, today has been dedicated to getting new laptop and new phone up to speed (including adding a data plan to the phone). I might be done by, say, next month.


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