Welcome to the Jungle

The first stop on Part Two of Epic Journey was Hood River, OR and the Columbia Gorge. What to do in this renowned rainforest of the Pacific Northwest? Thanks to the Curious Gorge guidebook and our boundless adventurousness, we did one of the cooler things there is to do in the area with a limited time-frame (that is, with a post-getting-out-of-bed-at-noon-hangover-recovery afternoon with thunderstorms looming on the horizon).

The book pointed us towards a gorge (that shall remain nameless) whose creek bed one could follow through the slot canyon about half a mile to a waterfall. Frankly, warmer weather may have been somewhat more comfortable. The expedition required walking through waist-deep, fresh-off-the-cliff water (read: COLD) and clambering over a precarious log-jam that extended from canyon wall to canyon wall. It was worth the trek, however, mostly for the fact that the several other cars we encounter in the parking lot were filled with middle-aged camera-toting waterfall-hunting clothing-wearing tourists in the classic sense, and we were just cool enough to be the ones in bathing suits ignoring the Logjam Danger signs. Take that, scenic area patrons. (And no, I didn’t bring my camera, since I didn’t want it to drown.)


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