Never Eat Shredded Wheat

The unfortunate drawback of not having wireless internet EVERYWHERE you go is that you often end up scribbling ideas on random slips of paper, never to be transformed into the coherent substance which abounds on this blog (ha). This was, more or less, the case throughout Montana. And rather than try to work out four or five or six separate entries that describe my time in that great state, I think it is more telling to simply transcribe my scribble and notes and forego coherency altogether. After all, there’s not much coherency to Montana to begin with, so why try?

Soggy Waffles. Saturday. We crossed the divide again today. This side is so flat … I had forgotten. There’s something antithetical to the presence of mountains to be able to cross back and forth and back and forth without a care in the world. Once upon a time, back in the day … crossing was a monumental trial. Today, it’s a matter, for the most part, of a hilly drive, pretty scenery, and a sign that says “Continental Divide.” I have now crossed it, it seems, so many times I cannot figure out where in fact I am with respect to rivers and oceans.

It seems so wrong, like we are behaving in direct contradiction to the laws of nature. This should not be feasible…

MT Road Signs. Sunday. Thar’s Gold in Them Thar Hills! (Historic Marker) Trouble With/Your Diet?/Here’s a Trick/Try It/Eat/Montana Beef (each phrase is on its own sign, each atop a fence post). Don’t Stick Your Elbow/Out Too Far/It Might Go Home/In a Different Car (Public Service Announcement, apparently).

Scribbles. Thoughts. Monday? If I were a cow, Montana would not be a terrible place to be. What is a glacier? Babb & St. Mary: ghost towns. A treatise on MT: Wild West. Lawlessness. Cowboys. Wilderness. Abandon. Rolling prairie with cows in the road gives way to dramatic cliff faces reminiscent of tectonic collisions and snow packed crevices threaten to slide at any moment…


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