What Do You Do When the Veil Falls Off?

Turn up the music.

Turn down the music. Listen to the drum beat. Clap, snap.

Dance. (If only I could move my hips that fast.)

Lather, rinse, repeat. The only word I catch is bride.

{Insert high pitched trill here.}

Cakes? Sweets? Sodas? Cakes? Take, take, take!

She’s wearing a Crayola box on her face.

Help her up, help her down. How can you move, breathe?

For good luck, here’s $100.

And $100.

And $100.

To make sure those bills don’t fall, staple them to the gown.

Snap. Flash. Next!

A bundle of sparky flowers. It’s really chocolate and gum.

Stand up. Dance more, always more. Celebrate. Go to the bathroom and cry, she is disappearing.

The answer? Best friends and bobby pins.


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