I had to write a bio for myself for my internship at Mada so that the website is up to date (cue smacking face against wall) and it was supposed to be in the format of everyone else’s bios. Booo-ring!

Here’s what that would look like:

Audrey received her BA from the University of Pennsylvania in Modern Middle East Studies. She previously worked as a Research Assistant at the Regional Human Security Centre in Amman, Jordan, as a Student Researcher at the Middle East Center at the University of Pennsylvania, and as a Case Aide for Catholic Charities of Maine Refugee and Immigration Services…snore……snore…falls asleep on desk.

If I could write it my way:

*audrey the awesome*

…did her undergrad @ UPenn (NOT Penn State) majoring in – after much angst and indecision – MMES (Modern Middle East Studies for you n00bs). She resettled Somali, Iraqi, and Burmese refugees in Maine, worked as a Research Assistant (read: sat in a beanbag chair) @ RHSC in Amman, and been a ski bum and bakery assistant and all-around failure at following the “path”. Audrey wants to fix the world and is actively trying to do so – and probably failing – through photos and writing on her blog(s). But she appreciates your support.

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