Blue Jeans

That’s what this whole experience is. It’s getting stuck with a pair of jeans that are okay, you know, they’ll do in a pinch, but they’re not your everyday wear-em-till-you-drop patched and stitched and fixed and never let ’em go jeans. Those are the jeans that are who you are but these, these are jeans that you have to make work. They need a belt or a cuff or constant adjustment or a certain shirt or certain shoes. You can never really be entirely yourself in these jeans because it’s like they’re someone else’s. You’re just borrowing them for a while. You know, till you find yours again.You’ll never take your top off and dance around in these jeans and feel completely and utterly in love with yourself and everything around you because you just can’t, not in the wrong jeans.

Yet here I am, somehow committed for an extended period of time to the wrong pair of jeans. Survivable but not necessarily the most comfortable experience. The only salvation? That someday you’ll break them in and the half-naked dancing will come as easily as if they were a part of your birthday suit. They are, after all, still new. They haven’t got their rhythm yet, but someday, maybe…

Till then, the dancing will have to wait.


One thought on “Blue Jeans

  1. I know what you mean. I feel the same way about the motorcycle I bought in Las Vegas. Not the same thing but we will both get through it.

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