Pros and Cons

On initial reading, I can’t decide if this is a good or a bad move (beneficial or detrimental to long-term goals of Palestinians to be part of a state in which they are not discriminated against). On the one hand, France acknowledging the legitimacy of the PA as a government gives public recognition to the fact that maybe these people have something to say. (We will not mention here how little legitimacy the PA is reputed to have among its own people.) However, as the little blurbette says, “the move is aimed at giving the Palestinians more legitimacy as they push for an independent state.” “Independent state” sounds, to me, like two-state. And everyone in the know right now knows that two-state solutions are antiquated neo-colonial imperialist tactics. Or, not so harshly, simply not going to work. Way to go France for flipping the bird at the occupation, but we all know two states will never happen and if they do, they’ll never work. As if the past isn’t proof enough, we have ANOTHER headline: Israelis and Palestinians at loggerheads over direct talks. Again?! So unsurprising.


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