Just when my first friend leaves, I finally feel like I actually live here.

Weekend trips to Tel Aviv and Akka, rounding out my wardrobe, finding the cheapest places to get bread, fruit, falafel, ice cream…Nescafe and brunch. After dinner tea and socializing, afternoon coffee and books. Books! Used books galore…

The fact that I can be stressed about work but the rest of my life feels more or less in order. Friends here, friends there, and promising friend opportunities from unexpected milieus. Networks and connections.

I have places I can go if I want to be alone, or if I want to be surrounded. I know what I want and what I need and where I can find it. I know where I’m going. I can give directions and find my way around. I have places and I have adventures.

I’m getting used to the heat, or maybe it actually is cooling off. Or I’m just no longer affected by the gallons of sweat my body produces every day. How soothing.

Ani m’daberet ktzat ‘ivrit… Ahki ‘arabi mnih.

I like knowing I won’t have a problem surviving, or thriving, but it’s still nice to know I’ll be able to go home eventually. This can never be the same, but it can be an excellent substitute.


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