The last week and a half has been so unbelievably busy. Between being social and having a serious excess of work to do, I have barely had time to sleep and eat, let alone think about anything.

The one thing I have noticed – or rather been reminded of – is the difference in the concept of time between here and “The West”. Here, the lack of precise timekeeping is really nice and relaxing, except when it leads to no one realizing anything is due until the very last minute. Then, it is stressful and horrible. But you can’t do anything about it.

All there is to do is ride the waves, take a deep breath, and remember that next week it will all be over. Until something else unexpected comes up, of course, but one can always dream…

‘You must not think linearly. The water in these fountains doesn’t. Nature doesn’t; nature knows nothing of time. Time is an invention of the West.’

Umberto Eco, Foucault’s Pendulum


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