96,000 Jobs I Won’t Get

I’m probably missing something, and certainly my understanding of the labor economy is undoubtedly sub-par…

But amidst all this news of the last troops being pulled out of Iraq (today’s reports state 56,000 remain), I can’t help but wonder.

“”Over the last 18 months, over 90,000 U troops have left Iraq,” the president said in an emailed statement published by the Huffington Post.” Add to that the 6,000 that will have to leave by the end of this month, and you get 96,000 returning troops. Don’t get me wrong, I generally think this is a good thing. But that also means 96,000 more people that will be competing for scarce jobs in an already difficult market.

Maybe that number isn’t very large, but it does seem daunting. When I come back, I’m going to have the competition of 96,000 more (experienced soldiers!) applicants to compete with. Not that we’d be going for the same jobs; it’s just that statistically speaking this does not sounds encouraging.

Am I wrong?


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