Today: I am a cynic.

In light of more and more and more headlines about violence (and cynicism) here, I can’t imagine what Netanyahu and Abbas talking will achieve. Maybe they’ll share some nice tea and delicious cakes, but when the issues are so heartfelt, close to home, and real, two politicians (that no one particularly respects anyway) simply aren’t going to change much of anything. I’m trying to imagine the situation in which they come back from Washington, present some plan, and try to put it into action. All I can see is mass protesting and demonstrating and, hate to say it, violence from both sides.

Here I go on some schpiel (sp?) about grassroots activism and the necessity of organic change…blah blah blah.

But seriously, I just can’t imagine. Even if magically the talks solve all the “issues”, people won’t be happy and there will still be unrest and dissent and civil disobedience.

Realism and cynicism are synonymous today.

A note: all of the links were somewhat randomly chosen from the overwhelming multitude of news coverage on these issues.


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